Differentiating authors and users in WordPress

I wrote a plugin called Byline that lets a WordPress content manager assign multiple authors to a post without having to give them a username/password and modifying the theme to allow for an advanced co-author function.

Ideally, WordPress would have native co-author and guest-contributor functionality built-in, especially if it is intended to be a platform for community and collaboration.

For now, what my plugin proposes is that the User who creates a post entry and ensures it appears on the site is a distinct taxonomy from who wrote or contributed to the content. The notion of “author” in the WordPress admin is suited for blogs, but not a CMS that might handle a 1,000 different one-time contributors, like a community newspaper or student-run publication.

2 thoughts on “Differentiating authors and users in WordPress”

  1. I installed the plugin on our dev site and I’m testing it. I created my first byline, but is there a way to make the byline link to the author page rather than a byline page. Right now nothing exists on the byline page…but does nothing exist yet because I have not published the first post with the byline and once I do it will have a page with this post and additional posts from that author as I add them? I hope you can help provide some insight.


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