What do you read? Perhaps more importantly, when?

A student asked me recently what I read when I want to read good writing. It occurred to me I really haven’t done much of that recently. I scan and skim a lot of blogs, mostly about journalism, the media, media tech or college media specifically. Almost like checking the weather rather than actually diving into thoughtfully written material. But I haven’t done even that much recently, finding most of the blogs to be noise written to draw traffic rather than actually engage a reader.

I finished reading “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing To Our Brains” over the break and started up “Outliers: The Story of Success.” I like the way these books explain actual things that happened or are happening. There’s something interesting about the authors’ attempts at making sense of things.

I would read a major newspaper every day, but it’s gotten to be more of a shell of its former self, like a fossil telling a story of a different age. My favorite form of journalism at the moment is NPR. No reading involved, but I do feel like I’m gaining a deeper appreciation for the form. And yes, I’ve actually donated.

What do you read? And when do you find time to do it?

One thought on “What do you read? Perhaps more importantly, when?”

  1. Well, currently I am re-reading “Gai-Jin” by James Clavell. I’ve re-read “Shogun” and will follow this with “Noble House”. That’s my entertainment reading done mostly in the evening before bed. For my mind, I’m studying emerging web technology and have ordered books on HTML5 and Javascript game development. I read the newspaper ( if you can call it that) each morning – Houston Chron – concentrating mostly on sports, city/state ( I make sure I’m not in the obits) and business (such as it is). I almost entirely ignore the first section. Since I’m on the computer most mornings I scan email, a few blogs and social networks (facebook) and check out sites of interest. It keeps me out of trouble.


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