Back to school

After four years since my undergrad career ended, quite satisfyingly, I am entering graduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia today.

This is the realization of a sort of dream I’ve had since high school, when my journalism teacher at the time described how wonderful the school was and how it cultivated great journalists.

I am nervous and woefully out of practice when it comes to academic work. The media management program is entirely online, which will be a new experience for me, even though I suppose I am part of that generation of those who grew up online. Perhaps the oldest edge of that generation. I grew up with dial-up, not broadband, after all.

Meanwhile, my students are coming back to school today as well, going to class and getting to work on running the University’s daily newspaper, keeping up an important, if misunderstood, tradition.

One thing I hope to come to understand in grad school is how to create the best student media program possible. Not many folks are into this sort of thing, and it doesn’t make for interesting dinner conversation. But I consider it vital to the future of journalism, both its study and practice. More thought should be put into college media. It seems silly that so much money goes into college football, which, I’ll admit, is awfully entertaining, but isn’t intended to develop and support one of the critical aspects of our republic.

To my students, and myself: good luck this year. Be kind and work hard.

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